Lawrence Elmen Wins Dismissal in Federal Cellular Phone Search Case

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Following a three day evidentiary hearing, Senior District Court Judge Thomas J. McAvoy ordered the suppression of evidence seized from two cellular phones by Border Patrol agents.  The unlawful seizure of phone data by Border Patrol agents occurred on December 10, 2012 in Champlain, New York, near the Canadian Border. Two women from Miami, Florida were charged with alien smuggling ... Read More

Carl Baker Elected To Lead Law Group

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Carl T. Baker, a founding partner of FMBF, will become the first Warren County-based attorney in more than 35 years to chair the largest law section of the New York State Bar Association. Carl was elected chairperson-elect of the more than 5,000 member Trust and Estates Law Section at the Association's annual meeting in New York City and will assume the role ... Read More