Elmen & Lindy Obtain Personal Injury Award of Over $1.1 Million


Lawrence Elmen

Partner Lawrence Elmen and associate Joshua D. Lindy obtained a personal injury award over $1,100,000.00 for their clients. The clients received serious and life-threatening burns as a result of diesel fuel flames created when a tractor trailer lost control on Interstate 88 during August 2012. Both clients were air evacuated to the Regional Burn Facility at Westchester Medical Center for treatment. The defendant driver of the tractor trailer died from injuries suffered during the crash. Mr. Elmen started the lawsuit in Federal District Court based on diversity of citizenship.  The personal injury award was paid from insurance proceeds, as well as the direct contribution from the owner of the tractor trailer.

After reviewing the award, Mr. Elmen said, “I am grateful that we were able to force the individual who owned the tractor trailer to pay for the injuries his vehicle caused, especially since he chose to carry so little insurance coverage.”

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