FMBF attorneys work to protect your civil rights in all actions against a municipality, school district, or public entity. These actions can include, among other claims:

  • Serious injury due to road and sidewalk conditions
  • Serious injury due to negligence or fault of municipal, school district, public entity employee(s) or agents
  • Damage to property by government activity
  • Loss caused by zoning board/planning board decisions
  • Appeal of property tax assessments
  • Representation during property condemnation proceedings and tax foreclosures
  • Injunctions against governmental action
  • Civil Rights violations (State and Federal)
  • General Liability, Law Enforcement Liability and Public Officials Liability

If a municipality, school district, or public entity caused you to be deprived of your civil rights, you may seek compensation. Many civil rights violations result from law enforcement’s use of excessive force, false arrest, or malicious prosecution. However, violations of individual civil rights may occur by the employees or agents of any municipality, school district, or public corporation.


New York State Law severely limits your time to file a claim against a municipality, school district, or public entity for personal injury or property damage. These matters demand the immediate attention of an attorney. Firm attorneys are experienced in this area of law and are ready to apply their knowledge for your benefit.

If you suffered personal injury or damage to property from the conduct of a municipality, school district, or a public entity or believe that your civil rights were violated by governmental officials, call our offices at (518) 745-1400, or email our attorneys at