We’ll defend your rights vigorously

If you are accused of committing a felony, misdemeanor, or traffic infraction, our firm will effectively guide you through the criminal justice system. We provide initial consultations within twenty-four hours. We stand prepared to take all necessary steps to defend your legal rights. We can help with:

  • Traffic matters
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • All misdemeanors
  • All New York State felonies
  • Search and Seizure issues
  • White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime
  • Federal and State Tax Evasion, including Sales Tax Larceny

Should you be accused of criminal activity, or suspect that you are the target of a law enforcement investigation, call our offices at (518) 745-1400 for an immediate consultation, or email us at: info@fmbf-law.com.

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